Artist Statement

My sculptures mine the intersection of physical experience and subconscious psychology to explore themes of power, action, dormancy, and meditation. I abstract utilitarian forms to convey emotion and use formal elements such as light and negative space to render everyday objects elusively. These works are about pause and sensory connection and reference an introspective state. I aim to embody unexpected dualities: effort and repose, control and failure, transcendence and banality. 

I have long been interested in the impact of objects in our lives. As a child I was energized by shaping my environment—through rearranging furniture and also making things. As an adult, it is still physical work that grounds me. I am drawn to the relationship between the hand and the mind, and between interaction with the world and an internal sense of self. My works blur the line between outward and inner perception.

Wood is my primary medium but I enjoy the interplay of materials and incorporate other media such as textiles, glass and mirror. I use traditional craft techniques in combination with experimentation. I hope to stir the tactile sense as it becomes increasingly "irrelevant" in modern life. By working at a large scale, I intend to make pieces that relate to the body and effect the viewer on an intuitive level. 



Liz grew up in Iowa City, Iowa and earned a BFA from California College of the Arts in 2009.  In 2014 she completed a two-year Core Fellowship at Penland School of Crafts and in 2016 a one-year Fine Art/Craft Fellowship at Warren Wilson College. She is currently pursuing an MFA in the Woodworking/Furniture Design program at San Diego State University.